Method consulting

Coaching and training on best practice methodologies for product development, including agile process, model-based system engineering and system validation.


Im Auftrag der ESA  hat GPP einen fertigen Satelliten in einem Reverse Engineering Prozess modelliert. Angewendet wurden neueste Methoden des „Model-based System Engineering“ (MBSE) und die Modellierungssprache SysML.

With this approach, the complex system could be completely modeled. The model also served as the basis for the next mission.

In the joint project SPEDiT, GPP has continued the transfer of newly researched SPES methods to industry. In cooperation with universities and industry, practical approaches for Model-based System Engineering (MBSE) were created using these methods. In the process, methods were tried out in the company's own prototype development and adapted to practical applications.

GPP has designed training programs for the implementation of Model-based System Engineering and thus passes on the knowledge to its customers.

SPES = Software platform for embedded systems
SPEDiT = SPES dissemination and transfer

GPP offers an MBSE training program that includes language (SysML or UML), methodology and tool operation. GPP has conducted such trainings at the customer's site as face-to-face meetings or as online trainings.

Ein Unternehmen in der Heizungsbranche  hat die Vorteile des Model-based System Engineering für die Entwicklung ihrer Systeme klar erkannt.

GPP hat die Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens zu MBSE-Sprache, -Methodik und –Tool geschult. Die Einführungsphase wurde auch durch laufendes Coaching unterstützt.

GPP hat weiterhin die Installation der Tool-Chain ausgeführt und Anpassungen an die Entwicklungsumgebung vorgenommen.

GPP analyzes and plans the migration to the cloud for a company with safety-critical services.

After careful analysis, GPP developed a cloud-based concept that could achieve a reduction in the cost of operations while increasing security.

The step-by-step migration procedure was planned together with the customer.