Research projects and prototype development for innovative technologies in areas of communications (5G, 6G, satellites) and applications.


In the RadarSkin research project, GPP is working with Infineon to develop a robust 320 GHz radar edge sensor network to detect the smallest objects and movements in the environment.

In order to efficiently process the enormous amounts of sensor data, implementations in the edge area are being sought, in which AI is also used.

In cooperation with Rosenberger, Bonn-Elektronik and FAU-Erlangen/Nuremberg, GPP is developing a new technology to localise and eliminate PIM (Passive Intermodulation) faults in 5G mobile networks more easily.

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Alarms from medical equipment in rescue helicopters are usually not audible to emergency physicians due to the noisy environment and are not always visible due to the cramped conditions.

GPP has developed a solution with radio modules that transmit the alarms from the medical devices to the emergency physician's helmet.

Solutions via 5G networks were also analysed.

GPP developed the tool software for a simulation package to be able to configure the radio waves network-wide.

The optimization of the receiver algorithms and the DSP implementations were part of the package.

Test patterns were generated to validate the system.

GPP has developed new methods that enable the measurement of error sources in mobile networks and their localization.

The project included the simulation of the new processes and the implementation of a proof-of-concept.

The new processes were patented.

GPP has developed concepts that allow the determination of system performance based on existing metrics and log files.

Based on data mining methods, statistical algorithms were evaluated. The decomposition of algorithms and their parallel processing were also investigated.

The new methods were tested in commercial application scenarios.

The high cost of repeatedly providing new test platforms for new products is a well-known problem for many companies.

GPP develops a standard test platform that can be used over and over again and requires only minor adjustments for new “Products under Test”.

The aim is to combine the platform with MBSE and simulation methods.

GPP analyses the requirements for the technical infrastructure for the realization of smart buildings.

Concepts for different levels of the infrastructure were developed: Services – Controls – Communication – Field Bus Systems

The project was completed with the blueprint of a system architecture.